tomas bouda

tomas bouda

guitarist & sound guy

my band > north innergy, bøb

my job > bouda studio

my love > ms stubnitz

my trip > b o u d a

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I am an active guitar player playing in the Czech Republic and Germany: North Innergy, Martin Kratochvíl, Tony Ackerman,… I was awarded prizes in the following contests: “Youth Is Into Jazz” at the Metropolitan University Prague, the Reduta Czech Jazz Contest, Tais Awards, and others. Since my first experience in the recording studio, I became also passionately interested in the process of recording. I was fortunate that my first studio was one of the best in Europe: SONO Records, where I later was hired as an assistant and learned from the best in the field. Since then I have been collecting experiences as an independent sound engineer, for example in the Budíkov Studios outside of Prague, and at the Czech Center in New York. I’m currently working on the concert boat MS Stubnitz in Hamburg.

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